The Buccos Story

Pittsburgh Born. Pittsburgh Created. At the core, our team started years ago, but Buccos Roofing was just created early in 2012. Our team is comprised of skilled craftsman, entrepreneurs, and top notch roofers who enjoy working hard. We cover all angles of the roofing industry and have solutions tailored to your needs.

Plain and simple, customers come first. Our mission here at Buccos Roofing is to deliver a fast, reliable, and enjoyable experience for our clients. We work our hardest everyday to deliver the best results and we are confident we can tackle any obstacles that come our way. Pittsburgh is at our core and our work ethic and morals reflect that mentality.

“Our work ethic and morals have been instilled in us from our deep roots in Pittsburgh. With that in mind, we assure you that your roof will get done quickly, efficiently, and crafted beautifully. That’s our promise. “

The Buccos Roofing Way

Free Estimate

Our customers come first. Quickly, fill out our free quote estimator or give us a call at 724-554-6224 to discuss the dimensions of your house.


Modern Techniques

We use the latest technology to gather the dimensions of your Roof. This provides us with the information we need to be prepared to present you a proposal at our very first meeting.


Personal Interactions

Our initial meeting is very informative. We like to visit every potential client at the job site, so we can explain how Buccos Roofing operates. We feel it is our job to make you a very educated consumer. We will explain the entire roof replacement process and why you should care as much as we do.  During this meeting we will walk you through our proposal, show you the materials, and gain a full understanding of your needs.


Quick Results

Just like that, we obtained the roof’s dimensions, gotten to see the project with our own eyes, and educated ourselves with your needs. At this point, We will issue a finalized contract via email and leave the decision making up to you.


Clean and Professional Worksites

Once we receive your signed contract in that mail, we will put your job on our schedule. Our crews will arrive and thrive exactly as planned. Your property will be treated properly throughout the entire roof replacement process. And our efforts will provide every customer with a first class roof from a world class organization.